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Green Solvents

Past, Present and Future Viability


  • Ellis Murphy Darien High School



Formulation Chemistry, Green Solvents, Sustainable Chemistry


Green alternatives to integral processes must be adapted in order to move towards a sustainable future. Green solvents are non-toxic materials that have been used in many industrial and chemical-based applications. Unique and tunable properties of specialized green solvents such as bio-solvents, ionic liquids and supercritical fluids are key advantages of green solvents. Additional areas of interest include the incorporation of green solvents into green processes such as photovoltaic cell synthesis and bio-material recycling. Despite several minor disadvantages in comparison with typical solvents, green solvents are tools of a forward-thinking approach to reducing humankind's toll on the environment, which is in anear-critical state. If green technologies are not adapted and the tolls of carcinogenic processes are not reduced, the planet faces serious lasting consequences.

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