Congratulations to the Student Authors Selected for the Horizon Academic Research Journal Vol 2, First Edition


The published volume can be accessed here.

Ryan Jones, Characterization of Protein Drug Targets and Application of Protein Therapeutics in Parasitic Protozoa, Darien High School, United States, Class of 2022
Ellen Li, CRISPR-Cas9 Modified iPSC-CAR-NK Cell for Lymphoma Cancer Treatment, The Bishop's School, United States, Class of 2022
Marisa Wen, Gene therapy for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: CRISPR-Cas9 Mediated Gene Editing in DMD Patient-Derived iPSC, The Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University, China, Class of 2022
Kaylin Shukert, A Review of CRISPR-Cas9 in Climate Change Mitigation, Independence High School, United States, Class of 2022
Ellis Murphy, Green Solvents: Past, Present and Future Viability, Darien High School, United States of America, Class of 2022
Anushka Gautam, Analyzing the Environmental Sustainability of Using and Manufacturing Electric Vehicles, Amity International School Pushp Vihar, India, Class of 2022
Arabi Mahanujam, Analyzing The Effects of Rising Sea Levels on Developing Nations and Examining Emerging Solutions, Burlington Central High School, Canada, Class of 2022
Henry Pinner, Technical Review of Constraints and Solutions of Low-Carbon Energy Sources, San Francisco University High School, United States, Class of 2022
Nalin Jayaswal, Section 135 and Corporate Social Responsibility in India: Analyzing Issues and Suggesting Reforms through a Global Lens, Amity International School Pushp Vihar , India, Class of 2022
Riya Bhargava, Using Phytoplankton as Tools to Assess the Health of Aquatic Bodies and Ecosystems, St. Agnes' Loreto Day School, India, Class of 2021
Arjun Kumar, Applying Insights from Behavioral Economics to Supermarket Policies to Reduce Plastic Consumption in India, The International School Bangalore (TISB), India, Class of 2022
Ruxandra Sorocianu, Behavioral Economics and the Democratization of Education: Exploring Heuristics and Biases to Increase Economic Diversity at Top Universities in the United States, Saint Sava National College, Romania, Class of 2022
Sally Lo, An Exploration of Policies to Mitigate Unemployment Through the Lens of Behavioral Economics, Li Po Chun United World College, Hong Kong SAR, Class of 2 years (currently year 12, will be graduating in 2022)
Faruk Ecirli, China-US Relations within the Context of Intellectual Property Rights, NUN Schools, Turkey, Class of 2022
Ria Jalan, What Factors Have Led To The Remarkable Economic Growth In China?, Jayshree Periwal International School, India, Class of 2022
Yasmine Abou Zaher, How Tyranny Can Revert to an Ideally Just Democracy, Orange Lutheran High School , United States of America, Class of 2022
Trisha Raj, Skin Cancer Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks, STEM Early College at N.C. A&T, United States, Class of 2022
Anjali Yamasani, Restoring Sight: A Review On Various Treatments, The Harker School, United States, Class of 2022
Natasha Matta, A Network Approach to Understanding and Diagnosing Adolescent Borderline Personality Disorder, The Harker School, United States, Class of 2022
Samara Doshi, Do Infants Possess a Rudimentary Understanding of Numbers and Mathematics?, Jayshree Periwal International School , India, Class of 2022
Eshanya gupta, The Factors that Affect Memory and the Implications on Eyewitness Testimonies, Delhi Public School RK Puram, India, Class of 2022
Jedidiah Kim, Potential Causes of the Recent Rise in Adolescent Depression: Why Adolescents Today are More Depressed than Before, St. Mark's School of Texas, United States, Class of 2022
Joshua Piesner, Using Quandles and the Alexander-Conway Polynomial to Detect Causality, Calabasas High School, United States, Class of 2022
Md Mubin Hasan, Quandles in Causality, International Hope School Bangladesh, Bangladesh, Class of 2022
Aditya Iyengar, Slavery and Social Death in the Ancient Roman World, Washington High School, United States, Class of 2022
Aryaman Sonkiya, Neural Machine Translation on Employee-Customer Interactions, Jayshree Periwal International School, India, Class of 2022
Aakash Akkineni, Machine Learning Analysis of Gun Violence, School for the Talented and Gifted, United States, Class of 2022
Alexander Hunter, Exploring the New Changes to the 2022 Formula 1 Car, South Eugene High School, United States, Class of 2022