Congratulations to the Student Authors Selected for the Horizon Academic Research Journal Vol. 3, No. 1


Josephina Olagues: Dynamics Of Consciousness: Tributaries Of a Conscious Mind
Alexandra Dragu: Demethylating NR3C1, SLC6A4 and BDNF Using dCas9-Tet1: Applications in Understanding and Treating MDD and CM
Emma Chen: Reinterpretation Of No Longer Human Through Surrealism And Horror
Whitney Robertson Stroh: How the Implicit Bias, Representative Heuristic, and Anchoring Effect Embed Institutionalized Racism into the American Judicial System
Roocha Thatte: Handwritten Devanagari Character Recognition Using Deep Learning
Shanzey Rashid: An Iranian Bomb And The Stink Of American Intervention
Gayatri Bhargava: Future Prospects of Vertical and Hydroponic Farming
Mehmet Alpacar: Biases and Heuristics in the American College Application Process and Potential Solutions
Elena Zhang: Mitochondria-related Transcriptomic Biomarkers for Differential Diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder
Saanvi Mantripragada: Applying Insights from Behavioral Economics in Healthcare to Reduce Biased Doctor Recommendations
Sonpari Singh: Future of MXenes as Chemical Noses and Its Recent Advances
Mia De La Rosa: Costs and Benefits of Water Conservation Systems In Industries
Vishnu Veeravalli: It’s Immaterial - A Critical Review of the Knowledge Argument
Chloe Lipham: Behavioral Economics In the Medical Field
Nina S. Harris: The Existence of Biases in the Individual and the Role They Play in Society
Nazifa Binte Hassan: Designing Cities and Their Infrastructure for Predicted Climate Changes: Focusing on Dhaka, Bangladesh
Jingyi Liu: Behavioral Biases in the Housing Market
Aryan Prakash: Treating B-cell Acute Lymphoid Leukemia Using CAR NK Cell Therapy
Grant Perry: The West’s Failed Foreign Policy Towards Libya
Rohit Singh: Learning of a Novel Musical Tune in Diverse Age and Health Populations
Diya Kaimal: Classifying News through Natural Language Processing
Jian Wu: A Review About Nanolubrication: Advantages and Mechanisms
Akshat Kumar: An Introduction to Recurrent Neural Networks and Their Application in Sentiment Analysis
Xuanye Wang: Heart Disease Classification Based on Personal Indicators
Aadi Sharma: Attachment and Its Importance
Saahil Chadda: Applying SMOTE to Machine Learning Models for NBA Player Performance Evaluation