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Ali ALHajri, Imam Mohammed, Middle East College
Ali Kazmi, Syed Imran, Middle East College
Ali Mohammed, Amel Yousif, Middle East college
Alikhan, Mir, University of Texas at Tyler
AlKhusaibi , Rehab Masoud, Middle East College
Alkotob, Umron, A.T. Still University
Allawati, Reem Khamis Mohammed, Middle East College
Almamari, Lamees Talib Hilal Ali, College of Banking and Financial Studies
Almanie, Sabha, International Maritime College Oman
Almaqbali, Iqtibas Salim Hilal, MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE
Almawaali, Shahad Rashid, Middle East College
Alneimi, Algaziya Abdullah, College of Applied Science - Suhar
Alobaidi, Omar, Middle East College
Alsaidi, Munnira Jamil, College of Applied Science - Suhar
AlSarmi, Lamiya Yousuf, Middle East College
ALSiyabi, Nasra Hamed, Middle East College
Alvarez, Mayra, Elmhurst College
Ambusaidi, Husam Hassan, Middle East College
Ament, Michael, A. T. Still University SOMA
Amin, Hamna, Elmhurst College
Ammons, Laura M., Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Bennington College Bennington, VT 05201
Amoudi, Omar, Middle East College
Anantwar, Prathmesh, University of Alabama in Huntsville
Andersen, Maria L., Middlebury College
Anderson, Beth J, University of Central Oklahoma

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