IOT based Monitoring and Detection of Electromagnetic (EM) Radiation Levels


  • Shaik Mazhar Hussain
  • Sami Abdullah Saud Ambu Saidi
  • Anilloy Frank



EM radiations, 16*2 LCD, ESP 8266, Arduino Uno, Think Speak


EM radiations are considered as one of the major reasons for effecting and heating up the body tissues that could even burn when exposed at certain frequencies. At lower frequencies, external electric and magnetic fields induce circulating currents inside the body and radiations from EM devices are very harmful for human health. One such example is mobile phones which we always carry and utilize in our daily routines. Radiations emitted from mobile phones are harmful to human health. Hence, it is of paramount importance to detect and monitor EM radiation levels so that preventive measures could be taken to minimize or to completely avoid such radiations at prohibited areas such as Hospitals. The main aim of the proposed work is real time monitoring of the EM radiations emitted from mobile phones and comparing with FCC and ICNIRP levels that is allowed for general public. The system is mainly composed of arduino uno, RF detector and receiver, 16*2 LCD display, ESP 8266. Arduino Uno acts as a controller and responsible for converting voltage level to electric field value. RF receiver with RF detection circuit detects the radiations from the surrounding. 16*2 LCD will display electric field value. If the electric-filed value is greater than the allowed range, the piezo electric buzzer will turn on. The ESP8266 Wi-Fi module will upload the electric-field value data on the Think Speak cloud so that the radiations level can be monitored remotely. Simulation is done using proteus ISIS and finally the hardware is implemented to showcase the results.


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Hussain, S. M., Ambu Saidi, S. A. S., & Frank, A. (2020). IOT based Monitoring and Detection of Electromagnetic (EM) Radiation Levels. Journal of Student Research.