Design and Development of IOT based Low Power Consumption in Employee Meeting Rooms


  • Ammar Yasir Hamood Al Rawahi Middle East College
  • Shaik Mazhar Hussain Middle East College
  • Anilloy Frank Middle East College



ESP8266, 20*4 LCD, LED, Arduino Mega, IR device.


In this paper, We design and implement IOT based low power system that can be used in employee meeting rooms. The design is based on number of employees entering and leaving the room and automates room AC, lights and room freshners using relay device. The system designed counts number of employees entering the room using IR device and updates the number using counter and automates electrical appliances of the room and when leaving automatically switches off the devices. The power consumed is updated using ESP 8266 in the cloud called thing speak where the data can be evaluated and analyzed per day and per month. The system has 20*4 LCD which displays the complete details of the employees and electrical appliances. The working of the system starts with the entering of an employee in the room, the buzzer beeps and LED turns on. Arduino Mega is used as a central processor that controls all the appliances. The code is written in C and simulation is done using Proteus ISIS. Finally, the implemented system shows the energy consumption per day and per month and a detailed comparative analysis is done with and without connecting the system which shows a better saving of energy in the employee room. The methodology adapted for our work is V-methodology.


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Al Rawahi, A. Y. H. ., Hussain, S. M., & Frank, A. (2020). Design and Development of IOT based Low Power Consumption in Employee Meeting Rooms. Journal of Student Research.