A Study of Mobile Banking with reference to Customer Satisfaction in Bank Nizwa, Oman


  • Al Shifa Al-harthi College of Banking and Financial Studies
  • Dr. Madhave Hejmadi College of Banking and Financial Studies




Customer Satisfaction, Bank Nizwa, Mobile Banking, Chi-square test, Oman, Correlation


The banking business in Oman has flourished greatly due to the adoption of technology and provision of enhanced customer service. Mobile Banking can make banking transactions convenient because customers can access financial resources even from distant areas. Technology can have a significant impact on customer service and satisfaction. The mobile banking revenues reached $ 8.3 billion in 2015 and have penetrated deeper into the market and the mind of the customer. Mobile banking has made a difference in customer satisfaction. The main objective of the research paper is to evaluate the usage of mobile banking at Bank Nizwa. The research was conducted to evaluate the impact of mobile banking on customer satisfaction at Bank Nizwa in Oman. The researcher used a quantitative research design as it is aimed to measure the impact of mobile banking on customer satisfaction and get quantitative data from respondents with accuracy. Two sources of data have been used: Primary data was collected through a questionnaire with 24 items and secondary sources such as  the website of the bank, articles, annual reports, bank statements and circulars were also consulted. The data was collected through an electronic survey and the list of respondents was obtained from the Bank Nizwa database. A total of 122 respondents belonging to different age groups responded The response rate was 80%. Data was analysed by using statistical packages for Social Sciences (SPSS) software. Both single variable, double variable and cross tables were prepared. The statistical tests like chi-square and correlations were applied.  The results reveal that there are factors influencing customers’ satisfaction of mobile banking and the problems that hindered customers satisfaction were also identified. The attempt of this study was to examine the impact of mobile banking factors and services at Nizwa Bank in Oman


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Al-harthi, A. S. ., & Hejmadi, M. (2020). A Study of Mobile Banking with reference to Customer Satisfaction in Bank Nizwa, Oman. Journal of Student Research. https://doi.org/10.47611/jsr.vi.991