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volunteer paramedics, emergency, android application, Civil Defense.


Providing first-aid on time can help in saving many lives, in 2015, specifically on the street between Ibri and Al-Rustaq, the weather was rainy, and suddenly one of the vehicle rollovers from the street. The passenger's injury was not so serious and his life could be saved if he had received proper first-aid on time, but because the accident happened in a rural area far from the city center, aiding him delayed, and because of that the passenger died on his way to the hospital. In such situation volunteer paramedics can be a helpful support for the emergency centers involved in the response to such accidents reports. In the project a mobile android application will be developed, through this application volunteer paramedic will be registered and their GPS coordinates will be included by one of the staff at the civil defense. The users of the application will be able send notifications in case of any emergency situation for the Civil Defense and for the nearest volunteer paramedics at the same time. The notification sent includes a brief description about the emergency situation, contact information of the sender and the GPS coordinates. The system will automatically detect the nearest volunteer paramedics and notify them about the emergency situation. This will be helpful in providing faster assistance at the emergency site by the volunteer paramedics and hopefully it will help in saving more lives. The system and the android application will be used by the civil defense in the sultanate of Oman, volunteer paramedics, residents and citizens.


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