Design a protection Dam for Wadium Allakhma in Wallyat Sur



flood, dam, design, wadi um allakhma


: Damage caused in the past times and left by rain which led to floods of water and affected human life. On the other hand the occurrence of scarcity of water after periods of rain, which led to the provision of quick solutions to avoid recurrence, such as constricted protection dam. In general dam is an engineering constriction that is built above a wadi or a low place, with the aim of reserving water. They are usually classified according to their forms, the materials used in their construction and the goals for which they were built. There are 2 types of dams that are determined in Oman according to the needs of the area to be applied which is: protection dam and Recharge Dams. The main objectives of this study are to conduct a feasibility study of design a protection dam for this area with most economically advantageous engineering solution protecting from flood in wadi um allakhma in wallyat SUR. to achieve this goal we will use many important method that’s help as to provide a design for this dam like: using geological and hydrological data by analyzing rain and wadi station to run models and find the final design. In general by the initial data of this wadi, the total area of the catchment almost 400 km2 which the possibility of saving up to 25-30 million m2


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