Safety Wheel Chair for Paralysis Patient


  • Issa Saleh Ali Al-Sawaai Middle East College
  • Vidhya Lavanya Middle East College
  • Aniloy Frank Middle East College



Sensors, Arduino, SMS, Proteus, Keypad.


This paper aims to develop a wheelchair for paralysis patients. The objectives of the paper include Fall detection, Forward bending detection, and SMS service. All these technologies have been covered in terms of their requirements, costs, system design, and system analysis. Fall detection is done using Accelerometer sensor. It detects the fall from the wheelchair of the patient who is having spinal problems. The sensor sends a signal to the controller and activates the buzzer. SMS will also be sent to the caretaker. The second technology used is forward bending detection. It is used for those who are bending their backs in order to inform them to sit properly. Ultrasonic sensor is used for this detection, alarm will be activated and SMS also will be sent. Next technology is the use of SMS service. If the patient is able to move one hand, he can use a keypad and 10 different buttons can be provided for different services. Depending on the keypad pressed, the corresponding SMS will reach the caretaker and the patient will be served accordingly. The proposed work is started after a thorough literature review. Arduino controller is used for getting the signal from the sensor and provide the information to the caretaker and switch ON buzzer. The proposed work is simulated using proteus and then implemented in hardware.

As an extension to the work, fire alarm system and automated wheel movement, live camera can also be added to improve the advantages of the safety wheel chair. The proposed work is funded by Research Council, Oman.



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Al-Sawaai, I. S. A., Lavanya, V. ., & Frank, A. (2020). Safety Wheel Chair for Paralysis Patient . Journal of Student Research.