Possible Impact of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence on Oman’s Logistics Sector: A Review


  • Muhammad Ahmed MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE
  • Asma Ghafoor Khan Middle East College
  • Vikas Rao Naidu Middle East College




Logistics, Robotics, Artificial intelligence, Robots in logistics, E-commerce


Changing times require industries to adopt ever-changing technologies in order to stay afloat and compete at the global stage. The logistics industry is experiencing a global boom due to progress in the e-commerce sector and ever-increasing consumer needs of the modern world. Oman’s long-term vision includes logistic sector as one the main contributors to the country’s GDP. Sea Ports such as Sohar and Al Duqm are another indication of the Sultanate’s ambitions to diversify the economy for the post-oil era. The logistics sector in Oman needs to adopt technology that not only helps it with improving its operations but helps reshape the industry standards in Oman. Robot adoption is the latest trend in the global logistics industry and Oman’s leading logistics companies need to adopt it too. The combination of logistic robots and right artificial intelligent programming can do wonders for a company. Artificial intelligence complements robotics to achieve their tasks more efficiently and helps with better robot maintenance. Oman’s logistics sector can benefit greatly from the introduction of logistic robots on both practical fronts as well as the marketing front. A research was conducted based on one of Oman’s leading and most prominent logistics company to identify the level of robotics and artificial intelligence in use. The descriptive approach of research was applied to attain the required data through both quantitative and qualitative means. Interviews and surveys were conducted in order to justify the requirement of the proposed research. The aim of the study was to build a case for implementation of robotics in conjunction with artificial intelligence in Oman’s logistics sector in order for Oman’s logistics sector to fulfil its potential and compete at global stage.


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Ahmed, M. ., Khan, A. G., & Naidu, V. R. (2020). Possible Impact of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence on Oman’s Logistics Sector: A Review. Journal of Student Research. https://doi.org/10.47611/jsr.vi.964