Utilization of Polycrete in Manufacturing Manhole Covers: A Comparative Study


  • Omar Tolba Middle East College
  • Shady Farahaat Middle East College
  • Mina Alani Middle East College
  • Meryhan Moustafa Middle East College
  • Meena Al Yawer Middle East College
  • Omar Alobaidi Middle East College
  • Mahmoud Dawood Middle East College




Polycrete, polymer concrete, manhole, sewerage treatment plant, Infrastructure.


Sultanate of Oman focuses on its infrastructure development in the most sophisticated planning manner by preserving its precious landscape and terrains. Cities like Muscat, Al-Amerat, Sohar, etc. are now in high priority in its infrastructure development. Drainage and sewerage network play a vital role for cities and country's infrastructure development. The ETP (Enlarged Treatment Plant) or STP (Sewerage Treatment Plant) is very important to treat the industrial and domestic waste water and the conveyance of waste water flows through network of pipes, manholes and chambers. Portland or sulfur resistant cement concrete products were used to convey the waste water. But, the durability is a question for long term development plan due to corrosive effect on the product and give way for more renovation or rehabilitation program for the entire network which needs a re-budgeting plan. While an alternative and high corrosive resistant and durable product, polymer concrete products offer the best solution to avoid or eliminate renovation process for the network. As a result of its development over time, polymerized monomer can substitute Portland cement as a binder in concrete. Polymer concrete holds multiple effective properties to traditional concrete using Portland cement, such as high compressive strength, low permeability, resistance to corrosive agents as well as chemicals, and rapid curing. These properties provided polymer concrete with many uses in extremely specific sectors around the globe. This research is discussing the various types of Polycrete, assessing polycrete’s rheological properties and the properties of the normal cement used instead of Polycrete, comparing normal and Polycrete cement as well as analyze the environmental issues and the price of using Polycrete instead of normal cement


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Tolba, O., Farahaat, S., Alani, M., Moustafa, M., Al Yawer, M., Alobaidi, O., & Dawood, M. (2020). Utilization of Polycrete in Manufacturing Manhole Covers: A Comparative Study. Journal of Student Research. https://doi.org/10.47611/jsr.vi.963