Role of Interactive Multimedia to support MOOC for Enhanced E-learning in the Higher Education Sector in Oman


  • Juhaina Al Raisia Middle East College
  • Jomana Al Mahfudhi Middle East College
  • Vikas Rao Naidu Middle East College
  • Raza Hasan Middle East College
  • Karan Jesrani Middle East College
  • Khadija Al Farei Middle East College



Multimedia based learning, E-Learning, MOOC for practical modules, Education technology.


E-learning is the best way of getting knowledge at present especially when it comes to distant education. E-learning is a computer-based educational system that allows you to learn in any place at any time. Earlier e-learning solutions were delivered on CDROMs but nowadays, an online platform is making easier ways for such implementation in terms of scalability as well as usability. Online courses such a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), which is a way of delivering the content of learning online for any person with easy access from any part of the World is becoming much more popular for certification courses. This research paper focuses on the requirements of such implementation as a part of teaching and learning strategy in one of the higher education institutions in Oman. The existing system in these days is Moodle which is one of the Virtual Learning Environments. Through Moodle, teachers are sharing many eLearning based tools with students. It is based on PowerPoint in Moodle learning and different activities on papers. The methodology used in this project is a mixed methodology – quantitative and qualitative, which includes a questionnaire to get more opinions from different people about this research and there also interviews. The study is performed in context to one of the leading private higher education institutions (HEI) in Oman. The proposed research will suggest a new E-Learning application, especially for some practical modules. Based on the above study, researchers have a plan to propose a new framework and solution for practical modules in HEI especially with the integration of MOOC. The large scale implementation of the proposed research and its solution will be on a cloud, in order to provide easy access along with scalability.


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Al Raisia, J., Al Mahfudhi, J., Naidu, V. R., Hasan, R., Jesrani, K., & Al Farei, K. (2020). Role of Interactive Multimedia to support MOOC for Enhanced E-learning in the Higher Education Sector in Oman . Journal of Student Research.