Big Data Analytics for Enhancing Students Experience in Higher Education – A Case Study



Big Data Analytics, IoT & Big Data in Higher Education, Big Data for Academic Excellence, Big Data for Student Experience Enhancement.


Big Data analytics in the recent past has evolved as an innovative branch in the field of information technology that has contributed in a significant manner to various areas of human endeavor. Some of the evident sectors in which big data is contributing in huge manner are natural disaster management and forecast, healthcare, agriculture, insurance, welfare schemes, cyber security, banking and many others. The education sector one amongst the other areas which has huge scope for enhancement by implementation of big data analytics. Big data analytics can provide insights about various unknown facts which can result in enhancement of student learning, better classroom planning, enhancement in lecture delivery and overall enhancement of student experience. Moreover, it can also result in easy decision making for management in a higher education institution and less administrative work for academic staff. This research is aligned in the same direction where a sample group of students in higher education are monitored with sensing devices to observer their attention levels while various pedagogical approaches are adopted for the comparison. This research yields specific facts about student attention levels based on the analysis that is done using SPSS analysis tool. This research considers students at different levels of bachelors study program in a higher education institution and monitors same cohort of student with various pedagogical methodologies. This research work is a mere effort to enhance student experience in higher education institutions by analyzing different learning approaches with student’s attention levels.



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