Smart Monitoring System for Home Energy Consumption (SMEC)


  • Yusuf Ibrahim Khabbush College of Applied Sciences
  • Ahmed Abdulsalam College of Applied Sciences
  • Mazen Al-Makhzumi College of Applied Sciences
  • Dr. Rasha Sh. AbdulWahhab College of Applied Sciences



Arduino; Electricity Consumption; ACS712, GPS, WIFI and LCD Sensors; Internet of Things.


The issue of environmental protection and related issues has become a major concern for many people. Despite this concern, electricity consumption continues to pose several environmental pollutions. Electricity consumption leads to the need for natural gas, which in turn leads to many devastating consequences for the environment. Electricity, in itself, does not necessarily pose environmental damage, but on the contrary, it offers many benefits, such as lighting and the operation of many devices; but the problem with power consumption is the gas needed to produce it, which can be damaging to the environment. Indeed, natural gas is currently the most important sources of energy used to produce electricity, which is, create an enormous amount of carbon dioxide, which the environment cannot tolerate. Regardless of the method used to generate electricity, environmental issues related to the use of electricity will help to ensure that the method used is best suited to the environment as a whole. The best way to reduce environmental problems from electricity consumption is to minimize this use. In this research, we will try to solve this problem by developing a new application titled Smart Monitoring System for Energy Consumption (SMEC). SMEC will provide a management of power‘s consumption within the building anywhere and anytime in which users can see how much of electricity they use while  power’s consumption report would be provided automatically. The main advantages of SMEC is to avoid some problems like decrease consumption of electricity, help to detect abnormal use and controlling unneeded devices, save effort and time for monitoring and reading the amount of uses and finally such a new application will be more reliable and good for employee to check meter’s reading online. All this will be displayed in a friendly interface, which will have graphs and text to make the use of such application more efficient and simple to use. SMEC application will be developed using different languages such as C++, Java script, PHP, html and MySQL. Moreover, the proposed energy detection device uses Arduino UNO with some sensors such as ACS712, electric meter, GPS, LED and Wi-Fi adapter. The information is received by reading the power meter consumption and then handled through the Arduino device to perform the objectives of the research. By reading electricity’s consumption online, SMEC can analyze collected data that will help to make better decisions using Internet of Things.


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Khabbush, Y. I., Abdulsalam, A., Al-Makhzumi, M., & AbdulWahhab, R. S. (2020). Smart Monitoring System for Home Energy Consumption (SMEC). Journal of Student Research.