Parental Involvement in children’s education: A Proof of Concept Study at Elementary Schools


  • Shahad Rashid Almawaali Middle East College
  • Herald Noronh Middle East College



Parental involvement, mobile application, student information.


The research paper mainly focuses on the development of parental application for all elementary schools in Oman. This paper aims to promote and motivate the students in their study, as it also aims to make the relationship between teachers, parents, and their children intimate. Currently, all Omani elementary schools, especially the public schools are not having a mobile app where the parents can enter the system and start interacting and discussing with the faculties through several things such as behavior, grades, posts, and among others. The main goal of this papers is to strengthen the parent-child relationship so as to is to enhance the association amongst schools and parents to enable the kids to rise scholastically. The research analysis provides an effective technique for identifying all the problems that have been targeted. It also emphasizes the importance of a user-friendly system that can be easily operated by people. In this paper, an incremental model has been used since it focuses primarily on making the life cycle a “multi-unit” cycle. Such a model usually aims to divide the courses into smaller, more viable modules. After looking at all sources of literature, it turns out that developing this app is an essential and important step towards improving teachers, parents and even students. It not only seeks to improve the performance of all public schools, especially the first cycle, but also enhances the study and work experience. Under this proposed system, parents can access to view everting related to their children such as attendance, grades, behavior, and others.



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Almawaali, S. R., & Noronh, H. (2020). Parental Involvement in children’s education: A Proof of Concept Study at Elementary Schools. Journal of Student Research.