Transport Safety Mechanism of School Children Using IOT based Smart System


  • Nada Abdul Al-Balushi Middle East College
  • Syed Imran Ali Kazmi Middle East College
  • Faisal Khalifa Al-Kalbani Middle East College



Internet of things (IOT), Smart bus system, Network, mobile application, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Sensors, Microcontroller (Node MCU)


Most of the Students in Sultanate of Oman are using bus to reach their schools. Bus considered as one of the convenient way of traveling. As most of Students are traveling from home to school or vice versa by bus. Safety is the biggest concern and issue. Bus driver and parents are responsible for providing safety and security to the schoolchildren’s. Many of children went to school and never returned home afterwards. This is because the child feels tired and then sleeps after a hard school day. The bus driver did not pay attention to the presence of a sleeping child in the school bus and the bus driver closes the windows and the door, causing suffocation and death. There are also a lot of accidents that might happen on school buses, so researcher are working to find the way of tracking school bus which is very important for the monitoring of location and track students throughout journey from and to school. This research paper presents IOT smart transportation system for a children school. The system consists of IR sensors to calculate the number of students, RFID card and RFID reader to read student data and attendance recording as well as MQ3 sensor for alcohol sensing and to ensure the safety of the driver. It also contains a mobile application to get notifications and messages and shows other information such as the time of riding the student on the school bus and coming off the bus you can also take the latest coordinates and thus follow the bus via Google Map.



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Al-Balushi, N. A., Ali Kazmi, S. I., & Al-Kalbani, F. K. (2020). Transport Safety Mechanism of School Children Using IOT based Smart System. Journal of Student Research.