A study on reinforcement corrosion of concrete structures near coastal areas of Oman


  • Halima Ghulam Al-Balushi Middle East College
  • Himanshu Gaur Middle East College




Reinforced concrete structures, Corrosion of concrete, Coastal structures etc.


A lot of buildings and structures in coastline areas facing many issues such as huge number of cracks shown on the wall structures. Moreover, this issue is affecting the aesthetic and the beauty of the buildings. Research discover that reasons behind this problem is concrete corrosion or especially corrosion of steel that causes enormous damage to the structure. This issue starts when the chloride is containing in concrete and due to formation of the oxide film. Rapid chloride permeability test according to ASTM C1202 is performed to study the behavior of different concrete mixes such as normal concrete, concrete with fly ash and concrete with Ground Granulated Blast-furnace slag(GGBFS). In this experiment when the concrete blocks are dipped into the solution, the electric current passes through it in order to determine the permeability of the material. In addition, corrosion acceleration test is performed to observe the electric current flow through the different mixes with different time intervals and days when it is merged to sodium chloride (NaCl). From the rapped chloride permeability test results, it is found that the permeability of chloride of all mixes is categorized as a moderate. From the corrosion acceleration test, it is found that all specimen of concrete containing fly ash had an attack at the first days of the test. A little rust appears on the normal concrete mix in the second week as the magnitude of electric current passing through it was not stable.


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Al-Balushi, H. G., & Gaur, H. (2020). A study on reinforcement corrosion of concrete structures near coastal areas of Oman. Journal of Student Research. https://doi.org/10.47611/jsr.vi.936