A qualitative study on the relationship between management and communication within organization


  • Lamees Talib Hilal Ali Almamari College of Banking and Financial Studies
  • Dr. Mythili Kolluru College of Banking and Financial Studies




Management process, Communication process, efficiency.


Management and communication complement each other, and there is no successful management, without the existence of effective communication and its sophistication that serve the work of the management departments with high efficiency. As the management has gone through numerical stages today, we are witnessing the highest levels because they benefit from all the developments witnessed in life. Communications become the bearer and the carrier of the messages, concepts, and work of the management institutions efficiently and very quickly, making the productivity and work of the organization up to the form desired by the organization. Communication is the torch that illuminates the institutions' path by transmitting its light everywhere. There are three main objectives of this research. The first point is to understand the management process in organizations. How it ensures organization success, Management process leads the organization to achieve its plans and many more by focusing on every single detail that needs to be looked out for or managed. The second point is to understand the process of communication in organizations and how it ensures organizational success. Without communication, work will never be done, and these will result in organizational failure. ?The third point is to establish a relationship between management and communication processes in an organization and how this relationship is significant. Management and communication will forever complement each other because they are genuinely in need of each other. The research methodology used for this research is a qualitative research method; it involved researching secondary sources of data like textbooks, journals, newspaper clipping, and more. The paper proves that there is a substantial relationship between management and communication, and for an organization to be successful, this relationship needs to be adequately understood. Then only the organization ensures success in all its endeavors.


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Almamari, L. T. H. A., & Kolluru, M. (2020). A qualitative study on the relationship between management and communication within organization. Journal of Student Research. https://doi.org/10.47611/jsr.vi.935