Reducing the Impact of Wind Load with Shape of High Rise Buildings


  • Nasra Mohammed Nasser Al-Azri Middle East College
  • Sachin Kuckian Middle East College
  • Himanshu Gaur Middle East College



Tall building, Lateral load, Wind load effect, Storey drift etc.


Recent Years, Many high rise buildings are being constructed across the world due to the increase in population. From the design point of view, lateral load such as earthquake and wind load should be taken into consideration while designing process. Architectural design of buildings sometimes leads towards difficult and unusual shape that challenges structural designers. The objective of this study is to assess the building behavior when subjected to wind load. To achieve this objective, different shapes of building such as pentagonal, triangular and circular building are assessed for stability. Parameters such as storey drift and lateral displacement are considered in order to find most effective and stable shape. The computer program ETABS is used for analysis. As the height of the building increases, wind load effect becomes significant and should be considered for designing. This could also be achieved by selecting most stable shape and appropriate structural system for tall buildings.


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Al-Azri, N. M. N., Kuckian, S., & Gaur, H. (2020). Reducing the Impact of Wind Load with Shape of High Rise Buildings. Journal of Student Research.