Innovations in the design of sewage treatment plants-A review


  • Fatema Abdullah Said Al Maawali Shinas College of Technology
  • Ryan Said Abdullah Saif Al-Sheidi Shinas College of Technology
  • Mayasah Saud Nasser Al Risi Shinas College of Technology
  • Fatema Ali Muhammed Al Balushi Shinas College of Technology
  • Dr. Binumol Shahulhameed Shinas College of Technology



Sewage treatment, sludge management, innovations, environmental issues, sustainable utilization.


Rapid growth in the population and development of cities led to the increase in the quantity of waste water which in turn causes critical environmental issues. Management of wastewater and sludge will affect economic growth of any nation and challenges associated led to the research in this field. Innovative methods for sewage treatment were developed in many countries to solve the problems arising as a result of enormous production in waste water and sludge. Different approaches and techniques were evolved as a result of the studies conducted in order to attain a unique solution for maintaining a safe environment. The main aim of this paper is to provide details regarding the various researches in planning and design of sewerage systems in Oman. Various regulations in the treatment of waste water and sludge as well as policies adopted for the management are discussed in detail.  Based on the discussions and related review, it is clear that over decades the sewage treatment is considered to be a major issue in Oman. Further, applications related to the better utilization of the wastewater and the sludge in agriculture and other related fields are in progress in various parts of Oman. Research projects were ongoing in different universities of Oman on the sustainable utilization of the waste products and innovative methods to be adopted in the sewage treatment process.


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Al Maawali, F. A. S., Al-Sheidi, R. S. A. S., Al Risi, M. S. N., Al Balushi, F. A. M., & Shahulhameed, B. (2020). Innovations in the design of sewage treatment plants-A review. Journal of Student Research.