IoT Based Framework for Remote Monitoring of Heartbeat Alert System by Using Arduino


  • Sharouq Aamir Mohammed Al-Musheifri MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE
  • Syed Ateeq Ahmed Middle East College



Sensor, heartbeat reading, IOT, Arduino, Healthcare.


The heart is one of the most important organs of the human body. It acts as a pump that circulates the blood, carrying oxygen and nutrients in the body to keep it functioning. Today, several advanced methods have emerged in the field of medicine, which aim to improve the efficiency of the medical services.  And these new methods are akin to a technical identification of the disease with high precision, a new radiological technology and a fashionable identification of medical health. In the medical department, several studies are underway to provide the latest technologies. There are some people suffer from bradycardia or tachycardia. Might their lives are in danger if the patients are alone. In this research paper, a framework is developed to solve and improve equipment that constantly monitors heart rate and prevent casualties due to the heart related problems. The research is done to reduce deaths resulting from irregular heartbeat.  Uneven heart rating which is greater than determined value raises an alert and messages with heart readings are sent to doctors and other related persons. It also provides this information via Bluetooth and exposes it in the Arduino application platform to ensure the information is not corrupted and recalled on demand. Doctor can remotely access the sensing element. For this reason, Arduino-based sensors dealing with these problems are used in this smart application. An Arduino-based sensing element evaluates the patient's heart rate. Coupled with this, doctors remotely follow the patient and take quick action to save patients life.


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Al-Musheifri, S. A. M., & Ahmed, S. A. (2020). IoT Based Framework for Remote Monitoring of Heartbeat Alert System by Using Arduino. Journal of Student Research.