Smart Water Tank Monitoring and Booking Using IoT Framework


  • Esraa Khalfan Mubarak Al Wadhahi Middle East College
  • Syed Ateeq Ahmed Middle East College



IoT, Sensor, Smart Application, Andriod, DSDM


Water is at the heart of sustainable development, which is essential for economic and social development, productive energy for ecological safety and human survival. Water is also a human right. As the world's population increases, the need for a balance between all commercial water resource requirements is needed to allow communities to get enough water. At present, conventional water tanks can neither monitor nor control the water level in tank, leading to large amount of water waste. Also some families often face problems to examine the availability of water in water tanks, including the lack of water supplies in the area because of separation of water supply from the government in new and undeveloped areas. The residents of under developed areas must find a person to fill the tank with water as and when the water is finished. The need of removal of these problems and providing an efficient and economical solution has been the main focus of this research paper. The research paper provides a framework for design and propose a framework of a smart water tank which can be monitored as well as controlled with android application. By using this application (the smart water tank), people can easily place an order using the smart application which notifies the water supplier to refill the water preventing shortage of water.


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Al Wadhahi, E. K. M., & Ahmed, S. A. (2020). Smart Water Tank Monitoring and Booking Using IoT Framework. Journal of Student Research.