Multi-function e-scarecrow (MFeSC)


  • Algaziya Abdullah Alneimi College of Applied Science - Suhar
  • Munnira Jamil Alsaidi College of Applied Science - Suhar
  • Dr. Mohammed Fadlalla Elahag College of Applied Science - Suhar



IOT, Sensor, Camera, Artificial intelligence, electronic scarecrows


Humans have taken the (scarecrow) as a protector for these crops from the birds. There are various different types and designs for the scarecrows around the world. In this project we will develop the traditional scarecrows to become electronic and do more than one function at the same time (Multi-functions mechanism) .The (MFESC) consists of several components, the most important of them is the sensor, which performs many functions, including sensing the presence of birds’ sounds, as well as indicator for measuring temperature and humidity around agricultural crops. Moreover, it will collect some statistical information about the number of birds by using digital camera and other important issues. The (MFESC) provides the collected information to a special information system that connects to it. There are also two arms in this scarecrow and each arm contains some pieces of cloth to move when the device senses the presence of birds. It also produces sound and light to keep birds away and scare them. There will be many electronic scarecrows around the crop, one of which will serve as the main scarecrow. Any place where bird’s scarecrow movement and sound and light also send a signal to the main scarecrow predicted the existence of birds issuing a signal to the rest of the scarecrows to issue movement, sound and light. The main scarecrow collects and sends information to the farm’s system associated with the (MFESC). As mentioned earlier, an electronic scarecrow will be designed to perform Multi-functions such as keeping birds away, collecting birds’ statistical information as well as collecting information that related to humidity, temperature, and more over it detects the smoke as an indicator for fire problem. For that reasons we will replace traditional scarecrow by electronic one.


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Alneimi, A. A., Alsaidi, M. J., & Elahag, M. F. (2020). Multi-function e-scarecrow (MFeSC). Journal of Student Research.