Mitigation of the Health and Environmental Impact of Waste Water Treatment Plant in Oman


  • Ali Abdullah Al Maskari MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE
  • Dr. Adeel H. Suhail Middle East College



Sequence batch reactor (SBR), Water Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Process.


Developing countries' experience is a huge gap in the coverage of collection-system and domestic wastewater treatment. Wherever the wastewater treatment facilities are available, they are running below the design standards. This leads to the discharge of pollutants into the natural water bodies and creating a negative impact on the environment and human health as well. Odor nuisance has become a major environmental issue worldwide with increasing public demand for better control of odor emissions from the municipal wastewater treatment facilities. Odor get affects the population directly and there is a trend that more and more peoples are becoming less tolerable with more odor emissions. Bad smell is often an indicator of the public potential health risk.

Performance assessment of Haya water treatment plant in Manuma Village has been done. The main objective of this study is to assess the performance of the treatment plant with respect to produce high quality of treated water and reduce odor complaints. Influent and effluent samples were collected at critical treatment steps of the plant and analyzed for chemical, physical and microbial parameters. The study will be used to monitor the Manuma wastewater treatment plant and compare its performance to that one that uses the Sequence Batch Reactor (SBR) process. Study shows that process with wet scrubber technology will be the suitable treatment process to create an environment without any health-related issues, and selecting these alternative treatment facilities with the latest technology will lead to creating high-quality of treated water without any odor issues.


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