An advanced implementation idea for detecting real-time object occupancy


  • Claremary James MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE
  • Varghese James Middle East College



Object detection, PIR, YOLO, RCNN, SlimYOLOv3.


Object detection is a title that has earned significances over several fields which have always benefitted socially during circumstances, namely incidents involving human endangerment such as natural disaster where threat may occur in the form of an earthquake, human entrapment underneath rubbles per se. The usage of PIR (Passive Infrared Rays) motion detector to detect humans, objects and other living beings through their movement, has proven the ability in handling situations where such detection is the best chance. However, this approach is not utilized in every situation. In the proposed research paper, an object occupancy detection technology notion is detailed which will describe the function to detect the occupancy or presence of human in an area, specifically transport vehicles that will help in determining passengers inside and to find lost objects as well. The motive behind raising this technological need is to aid or assist in occurrence wherein facing difficulty to find an object being lost or misplaced in a space, as well to detect the humans occupied. This assistance shall ease the detection of occupancy and identifying the lost object. The comprehended object occupancy idea is utilized to recognize the humans and object detection. The implementation idea shall facilitate the utilization of PIR-based motion detector sensor to recognize human presence as well as SlimYOLOv3 framework to identify objects. Circumstances where the occupancy of humans are counted and object to be identified are the main output.


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James, C., & James, V. (2020). An advanced implementation idea for detecting real-time object occupancy. Journal of Student Research.