The effect of shaft diameter on the surface quality in turning machine for different sets of cutting parameter


  • Saif Abdullah Al-Mahrouqi MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE
  • Adeel H. Suhail Middle East College



Turning Process, Shaft Diameter, Surface roughness


In the manufacturing industry, machining is the process which has been used widely within the industry for carrying out various operations. By putting the materials together, mechanical parts can be formed with the help of raw materials change and these mechanical parts used in the formation of heavy and small machineries for the personal used and for the industrial use as well.

Most of the metals are being manufactured with the help of machining. In the process of turning, the cutting parameters gained the opportunity to increase productivity. However, there also exists a consequence regarding the quality and deterioration risk and the life of the tool which need to be controlled to achieve greater efficiencies.

The selection of parameters is based on the materials used in workpiece, tools, and other stuff. Additionally, the size of the tool matters as well, therefore it should also be selected carefully by keeping in mind the need of the machine and capability of the users regarding managing that machine. Many factors could affect the machining performance and during turning process, workpiece diameter could be one of these factors which affect the surface quality. The main objective of this study is to investigate the role of shaft diameter on the surface quality in Lathe turning machine. Taguchi method and Analysis Of Variance (ANOVA) were used for data analysis and to optimize the cutting parameters with several experimental runs well designed. The result shows the shaft diameter effect quality of workpiece surface and the researchers should take into account this effect during their study and compare it with other researcher results.


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Al-Mahrouqi, S. A., & Suhail, A. H. (2020). The effect of shaft diameter on the surface quality in turning machine for different sets of cutting parameter. Journal of Student Research.