Green Economy and Sustainable Development in the Sultanate of Oman


  • Ahlam Salim Al Siyabi Middle East College
  • Dr. Ahmed Nawaz Hakro Middle East College



Green Economy, Sustainable Development, Relationship, Environmental effects, Oman status.


Green economy is considered to be the emerging economy of the twenty-first century, as the world is changing its development path from unjust development to environmentally sensitive green development. Making the economy environmentally sustainable is no longer an option but an urgent necessity to achieve a balanced vision between social justice and environmental future. This work highlights the statues of the environment in Oman and the efforts to overcome the difficulties that prevent the transition to a green economy. This will encourage people to consider innovation and think about the values that will be gained from the transformation of the economy. Due to increased greenhouse gas emissions from industries based on non-renewable sources of energy, harmful carbon effects and scarce resources will increase in the near future. It is necessary to know the extent to which the Omani economy is green and the extent of its growth policies corresponding’s to the transformation of the economy. It is equally important to analyze which mechanisms the government will adopt to reduce carbon emissions and global warming. This paper will explain the relationship between Green economy and Sustainable development in Oman and to what extant Oman is green. The objectives are to establish the relationship between green economy and sustainable development in the Omani context, to assess and measure the role of the green economy in achieving goals of sustainable benefits for the local economy. Also, it is important to inform the public about the importance of using green economy for the next generations and encouraging individuals to contribute to environmental protection on daily life routine, and to achieving a balanced vision between social justice and environmental future. The methodology considers the three types of indicators: Economic indicators, Environmental indicators related to economic activity, and Aggregate indicators on the path of progress and social welfare. In addition to primary and secondary data. The main outcome of this research is that the Sultanate is not green growing, as it is still highly dependent on non-renewable resources, therefore Oman should set a stronger lows on this issue.


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Al Siyabi, A. S., & AHakro, A. N. (2020). Green Economy and Sustainable Development in the Sultanate of Oman. Journal of Student Research.