Smart solution to detect/prevent bridge accident


  • Yousuf Yaqoob Al Shaibani Middle East College
  • Khoula Al Harthy Middle East College



Accident, Solution, IOT, Detect, Vehicles


Due to increasing and expansion of logistics in Sultanate of Oman, transportation becomes one of main support for logistics in country. The height vehicles accidents become a serious issue that have huge impact on infrastructure and human lives. As the number of long vehicles increasing the over height accidents become more and more. The aim of this project is to propose a smart-solution to minimize the accidents/collision of vehicles over height that crosses the bridges and intersections in Oman. The vehicle driver can be notified by smart solution about his vehicle status. The system is proposing smart alarming solution to minimizing number of accidents and its effect. Also, by using smart system it will be easy to investigate current method to detect the accident and evaluate the proposed solution.


The design of the system is to IoT to build complete system can detect the vehicle height and warn the driver before reach the bridge. Passive infrared sensor, IR sensor will detect the height and motion of vehicles before cross the bridge or intersection. And will send a mail or SMS to the cloud to inform the relative authorities. An Arduino is used to program and control the system. On the other hand, CCTV is taking place in system by recording and capture plate number of over height vehicles. The data gathered from the system are stored and backup kept in server whenever required. Different types of methodologies have been chosen and applied in the system are Modified waterfall, Agile, and waterfall methodology. Modified water fall methodology selected as it has different strategies that will assist in managing the challenges in case they come up and maximizing the utilization of resources and time. The system is help full to reduce the over height accidents and it will be effective for ROP and Ministry of transportation and communication for study purpose and data gathering.


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