Green Building – Energy Conservation using IoT


  • Hind Mohammed Abdullah Al Abriaa College of Applied Sciences - Suhar
  • Viswan Vimbia College of Applied Sciences - Suhar



Aalaa Yasser Sulaiman Al Sadia, Hind Mohammed Abdullah Al Abriaa, Viswan Vimbia


Energy resources are the main generator of electricity and works based on its natural condition and circumstances, namely - renewable, fossils and nuclear energy. Wind, wave, tidal and solar are examples of renewable energy resource and coal, oil and natural gas are instances of fossil energy resource. Energy conservation plays a significant role to reduce demand, develop and use renewable energy sources, protect and replenish supplies and reduce climate changes. In a study done by the Japan International Cooperation Agency in 2013, a masterplan for energy conservation in the power sector was created for the Sultanate of Oman.  The masterplan aims at bringing power efficiency on the demand side and conserving electric power by the year 2023 and thereby institutionalize and promote an Energy Efficiency & Conservation policy (EE & C).  The EE & C policy have led to the rise of ‘green’ building projects in Oman which works to reduce and prevent negative impacts on natural environment and conserve energy. Advertently the Oman Green Building Council (OGBC) was established in 2012 which aims at promoting green building concepts and ensure sustainable development. Sustainable energy is meeting requirements of the present generation without wastage and the ability of future generations to meet their own requirements.  This project chooses an office room in the college as a sample and attempts to make it ‘green’. We use renewable energy like solar, pollution and waste reduction measures, and enabling recycling and re-use of materials that are non-toxic, ethical and sustainable and adapts to a changing environment.  The project will use IoT devices like sensors and boards with microcontrollers (Raspberry PI) to achieve sustainability and ‘green’.  An app will show real time use of electrical components like light, air conditioner and fan and controls the usage of these components to maximize the percentage of sustainability and energy efficiency. The results of the app like real time measurement of energy consumptions accruing to a days’ usage are useful in further data analysis.  This project will help to implement the system in the entire organization and adding an impetus to the global energy efficiency and conservation struggle.



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