Impact of “e-Commerce Business and boom of online market” on Retailers in Oman



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The Internet plays an important role in our daily life. We use the internet daily almost for every single work. Before e-commerce buying and selling were done without the internet physically in the markets but after the arrival of e-commerce in Oman, our life has become more convenient because of its number of advantages. Online shopping is a part of e-commerce which is done mostly by the users due to e-commerce websites in Oman which allows us to buy and sell the products according to our choice at affordable prices. An E-commerce website has a lot of impacts on different markets and retailers. In this paper, we will discuss about the different markets and retailers and impacts of e-commerce on them. Electronic commerce is a type of business and can say it is a commercial transaction, It covers many different types of businesses, from consumer based sites, to exchange trading of business and services between corporations. There is much company providing e-commerce services such as eBay, Alibaba express, Shop Site, etc (Khurana . A, 2019). This research talks about Company which is an E-Commerce Company for online shopping based in Seattle, it is one of the biggest companies in Seattle, to sell products online. Jeff Bezos founder of the Amazon Company In 1994, The beginning of Amazon was as an online library and then other elements were added like DVDs, video games, electronics, music, and clothing. Just five years after the start of the Amazon, the company got a great success in generalizing online shopping. Amazon service 137 customers a week, Amazon users are 5x more than e bays, and the user average brings about 189 $. Also, it has more than 117000 employees around the word. Amazon is interested in providing more easily and batters services that attract more customers. Amazon is the titan of e-commerce payment, data storage, hardware and media, amazon it intervenes in many industries and it is a site of online customer and trader for sale and purchase, the membership in amazon from the united state around 85 million subscribers. The best encapsulation is flywheel of amazon deal ambition that to be customer-obsessed and to overcome the modern e-commercial world, that ambition was clear from early on which keeps Amazon company develop their system and add some tools with the new process through the online system.

Finally, the information system improve the management of Amazon business, decrease the errors either on order details or deliver order, provide a quality work make the order easy and faster low the costs, attract customers, accuracy in registration and record the information and increase the financial income  (Kenneth C. Landon, Jane P. Laudon , 2011).


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