The social and environmental impact of hybrid cars


  • adnan Ali Al Bimani Middle East College
  • Ahmed Said Mohammed Al Saqri Middle East College
  • Dr. Maria Teresa Matriano Middle East College



Hybrid cars, green environment, technology, electric cars, product substitute


Technology is rapidly evolving in this 21st century era. It is a marvel to behold as it makes human lives much easier. With advancement of technology and increase of vehicles and factories, pollution and destruction of natural resources has increased on a huge scale. The study is based on a product substitute, introduced to replace vehicles which run on gasoline, with a hybrid of electric and gasoline vehicles. The objective of this research will be aiming at understanding the effect of hybrid cars on the environment. An analysis of the hybrid cars will be carried out along with evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of said vehicles from the perspective of customers, support and maintenance. The research will also aim on proposing a government policy that must be implemented to regulate the usage of hybrid vehicles. The methodology used for this research will consist of primary sources wherein meetings will be conducted with the company selling such cars or people who own them. Secondary sources will include literature review from research papers and online blogs. With this study, the researchers hope to achieve a clear understanding on the influence of hybrid cars on the environment and individuals, the way hybrid cars operate, its advantages and disadvantages and the proposed government policy that will regulate the impact of hybrid car on environment.


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Asima, N., Al Bimani, adnan A., Al Saqri, A. S. M., & Matriano, M. (2020). The social and environmental impact of hybrid cars. Journal of Student Research.