Autonomous Fire Safety System for Gas Leak Detection


  • Jibreal Khan Middle East College
  • Nizar Al-Bassam Middle East College



Raspberry PI , LPG , Natural gas , Linear Actuators , MQ-5 Sensor


LPG and Natural Gas are the two primary gases used in Gas cookers all over the world , when these Gases leak in high concentration in enclosed areas the results can be fatal. Keeping this situation in mind this  paper proposes a solution which prevents the buildup of flammable  gases in enclosed area  by autonomously opening windows through linear actuators. The concentration of flammable gas in a room can be detected through the MQ-5 sensor , once the concentration of this gas exceeds the predefined threshold MQ-5 sensor sends an output to the Raspberry Pi which takes a series of steps in order to prevent the situation from taking a fatal turn. The steps include:  Opening the Windows in order to prevent the buildup of flammable gas, Alerting the Residents of the house via an E-mail and an indoor alarm, Sending the precise location of the house (GPS co-ordinates) to a fire station. All these steps are done autonomously in real time , thereby responding to the situation in the most efficient way


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Khan, J., & Al-Bassam, N. (2020). Autonomous Fire Safety System for Gas Leak Detection. Journal of Student Research.