A Survey of Chatbot creation tools for non-coder




Open source, Customers, Coder, non-coder, platform, and tool.


Chatbot is a natural language conversation which is considered a major revolution in customer service automation. Chatbot is an application of artificial intelligence that has a big role in saving time and effort by automating different aspect of human life. AI framework has several tools that help the non-coder to develop the Chabot for the organization.  The Chatbot becomes good solution for many organizations to communicate with their customers and to increase their productivity by serving the customers for 24x7.  This will help the organization to achieve customer services with low cost. This paper give glimpses on different AI framework tools, a survey is conducted to facilitate the non-coder to select the tools from the array of open source and proprietary tools.  There are a lot of open source tools, each one has different features. Additionally, some of them are useful for coder and others do not require any coding experience also they are capable to be used in different devices with different operating systems. The flexibility that is within using tools to develop the Chatbot without coding knowledge and integrated in different platform is attractive concept for each one.  Thereby this survey will help the non-coder to develop the Chabot without undergoing to learn the programming aspect of developing the Chatbot


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