E- Government Service Quality And Its Effectiveness


  • Inshirah Abdul Malek MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE
  • Jitendra Pandey Middle East College
  • Dr. Vishal Dattana Middle East College




E-government, E-service, Citizens, E-communication.


We live in the era of “e-communication”. Governments around the globe rely on e-communication, that is “e-governance”, to govern the public and private activities according to their conditions. It’s also the fastest and the easiest mode of communication. The aim of this paper is to recognize patterns, themes, methodologies and approaches used in e-government and explore the usefulness of e governance with support of secondary data and reviewing the literatures and previous research papers. Moreover, the paper discusses the issues, challenges and limitations in the e-government and provide recommendations regarding how to overcome those limitations. To do so, the study critically analyzes the development and various definitions of the e-government concept such as: Explaining the processes of e-government projects with ethical environments. Addressing the, limitation and challenges faced and ways of strengthening e-government research. At last, findings related to strategies to make e-governance effective and conclusion will be drawn.


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Malek, I. A., Pandey, J., & Dattana, V. (2020). E- Government Service Quality And Its Effectiveness . Journal of Student Research. https://doi.org/10.47611/jsr.vi.895