Future of People Analytics: The Case of Petroleum Development Oman


  • Zahra Bait Ishaq MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE
  • Dr. Maria Teresa Matriano Middle East College




People Analytics, Analytics, PDO, Turnover rate and Performance.


High employee turnover rate has been a major issue facing many organizations in the world. This research aims to discover the effect of people analytics on employee turnover rates as well as the employee’s performance on the job. This study contains a systemic review of articles and papers on people analytics.   Analytics has been taking a major factor in the everyday business operations whether that be in predicting consumer behavior in order to drive sales or to support theories by identifying patterns in the data. Therefore, it is vital for companies to capture, understand and analyze data to be able to stay competitive in the market. Big oil and gas companies focus on employee’s wellbeing and employees job satisfaction because they realize just how important employees are in the company and the role they play in operation excellence. In the case of PDO, this company depends solely on employees rather than consumers to cover the costs of operations hence, it is noticed that there is a higher emphasis on the employees and their wellbeing more than any other company. This paper focuses on the importance of people analytics in organizations and how analytics can help lower employee turnover rates and drive performance.


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Ishaq, Z. B., & Matriano, M. (2020). Future of People Analytics: The Case of Petroleum Development Oman. Journal of Student Research. https://doi.org/10.47611/jsr.vi.893