Propose an advanced smart system of vehicle accidents detection


  • Muna Khamis Juma AL Mukhaini Middle East College
  • Khoula Al Harthy Middle East College





In Oman, statistics show vehicle accidents that cause negative effects at the social and economic level, high mortality, injuries and heavy losses indirectly affect people and the property of the country and society. last year, the percentage of road accidents across Oman was about 33.3% compared to 2017, road accidents accounted for 28.8% less than in 2018. Furthermore, there are many minor accidents in difficult geographic area in Oman that resulted in deaths because of late and difficulty of rescues team to discover the accidents locations.  In addition, to reduce road traffic fatalities they took an effective way, they have taken an effective approach they reduce the time between the accidents the emergency team is sent to the scene, to determine accidents was used detection system about Accidents via sensors connected in cars.  The aim of this project is to proposes an advanced system for accident tracking and monitoring. This research targets the result to reduces the number of serious injuries and death tolls and from the other side will enable the competent authorities to monitor any accident in all vehicles registered at the system. The modified waterfall methodology used which it has applied. On the other hand, this form contains five different stages which contribute to the successful implementation of this system by tracking the project step by step for these stages you can refer to any previous stage in order to amend documents and jobs therein



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AL Mukhaini, M. K. J., & Al Harthy, K. (2020). Propose an advanced smart system of vehicle accidents detection. Journal of Student Research.