Application of mobile computing in big data technologies


  • Imam Mohammed Ali ALHajri Middle East College
  • Jitendra Pandey Middle East College



Mobile, Mobile application, big data


Mobile are progressively turning into a basic piece of individuals' day by day life, encouraging to play out an assortment of valuable assignments. Portable distributed computing coordinates versatile and distributed computing to grow their abilities and benefits and beats their impediments, for example, constrained memory, CPU power and battery life. Enormous information examination advancements empower extricating an incentive from information having four Vs: volume, assortment, speed and veracity. This paper talks about organized medicinal services and the job of versatile distributed computing and enormous information investigation in its enablement. The inspiration and advancement of arranged medicinal services applications and frameworks is introduced alongside the appropriation of distributed computing in social insurance. A Cloudlet–based Mobile Cloud Computing framework to be utilized for social insurance large information applications is depicted. The procedures, instruments, and uses of enormous information examination are checked on. Ends are drawn concerning the plan of organized social insurance frameworks utilizing large information and versatile distributed computing advances. A point of view toward organized human services is given.


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Ali ALHajri, I. M., & Pandey, J. (2020). Application of mobile computing in big data technologies. Journal of Student Research.