IOT based smart home


  • Mahmood Talib Al Sheyadi Middle East College
  • Muhammad Sohail Middle East College



Smart Home, IOT Home system, Save & Safety Home System, Family Home System


With the great development in all areas of our lives, especially communications and electronics, which is the basic component of any service or industry. By exploiting this development and incorporating it into our daily lives and in the tools we use, our lives are gradually transformed into easier and more choices. This project is an example of Exploitation of technologies in a way that serves the need of human security and safety. By sing the available communication and electronics technologies, it is possible to modify and improve homes to be safer and safer (Vermesan et al., 2017). The idea of the project is to connect all parts and appliances to a system that allows them to communicate with each other in the first place and on the other hand allows the user to control them remotely and monitor all the developments and notifications of each system and this called IOT system (Lobaccaro, Carlucci, & Löfström, 2016).  The application of this type of system is possible to control all the food of the house and identify everything from the security system to the lighting system and air conditioning. For example, the domestic fire system, in the new system is able to identify all types of gases and evaluate the appropriate solution to get rid of gas and avoid danger and inform the owner of accurate information. Unlike the old system, which triggers the alarm in all halal and does not recognize many of the deadly gases that may kill everyone in the house. Determine the cause of the problem. The system can communicate with all parts of the house, get rid of the risk causes, and avoid all risks. As well as the system for all other devices, it is possible to save energy as the work of the devices depends on the sensors of the need to work (Díaz, Martín, & Rubio, 2016). Overall, the system consists of smart sensors for every part of the house that recognize everything and monitor all changes and risks around the clock.


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