Smart Parking System using IOT


  • Waleed Zahir Al Qaidhi Middle East College
  • Muhammad Sohail Middle East College



Smart Parking system, IoT based Parking system, Traditional parking system, Wireless sensors.


   With the development of road infrastructure, there is a significant increase in number of private vehicles which results in traffic congestion, directly effecting the flow of traffic, and life of citizens. Parking becomes a significant problem in the urban areas (Cao & Menendez, 2015). The research paper proposes a smart parking system to solve the current parking problem at affordable cost. Previously automatic car parking system were proposed to reduce the space or size required for parking especially in crowded places with few spaces, such as a multi-story car park providing cars with parking on multiple levels stacked vertically to increase the number of parking spaces (Ibrahim, 2017). The proposed system utilizes the latest advancement in the Information and Communication Technologies and consists of  four layers: Application, Middleware, Networking, and sensor layer. It offers environmental friendly, reduces harmful emissions during parking, and is a computerized system pre-programmed without human intervention. The research paper highlights the comparison of traditional parking system with smart parking system using IoT. The paper also proposes a framework for smart parking system.


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Al Qaidhi, W. Z., & Sohail, M. (2020). Smart Parking System using IOT. Journal of Student Research.