Automation of Processes in Omantel Wholesale


  • Dr. Deena Middle East College



Process of Automation, Omantel Wholesale, Factors,Triggers.


Telecommunications sector is often considered as one of the most rapidly changing dynamic industries in the world. Products and services of this sector are changed very quickly. Moreover, the business of the telecommunications company develops and progresses through many internal processes and technologies at its core. The success of any enterprise in this dynamically developing external environment is decided to a great extent on its ability to adapt to swiftly in accordance with the changing market needs. Adopting automation process is one of the key strategy that is adopted by many enterprises that is most effectively functioning in the modern telecommunications industrial sector. The growth of the telecommunications sector in any country is highly looked upon as it is a main priority for any national economy. Omantel is the flagship company and the pioneer in telecommunication sector in the Sultanate of Oman and is currently the market leader. However, it is facing stiff challenges from the time when telecommunication sector got opened for private players. Assessing this situation there is a strong trigger to adopt automation process for its operations, especially in the wholesale department. This project attempts to investigate how significant the various triggers effect the decision of adopting automation process in Omantel Wholesale department. Then, it attempts to statistically quantify the influence of various key factors that affects the adoption of process automation in the Omantel wholesale department. Lastly a decision would be recommended by testing of hypothesis either in favour of adopting automation process or accepting the alternative that adopting automation process is not required for the time being.


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