Health and Safety Risk Assessments in Contruction Sites in Oman


  • Abdelrhman Magdy Mohammed Mustafa Middle East College
  • Mr. Adams Joe Middle East College



Risk assessments, hazards , safety , accidents, health


It is well known to everyone that construction field is a very dangerous workplace especially if health and safety regulations are not applied in a professional way. In this project a field of survey was conducted through making interviews with experts in risk management and in health and safety risk assessment in the construction field.  In order to understand and evaluate the type of risks and hazards which are normally found at any construction project, the issue in sites were analyzed in five different categories. Analysis were done based on the responses from the professionals involved in the construction site through using software.  The aim of this project is study the awareness of  the participants of carrying out health and safety risk assessments in a professional way, to identify the most risks found in the construction field such as; working at heights, working without using the safety equipment, working on unstable roofs. From the studies, it was concluded the following points  Recognize and control hazards in your workplace , set risk management standards, based on acceptable safe practices and legal requirements, save costs by being proactive instead of reactive. All the respondents who were part of this project have said that it is very important to apply the occupational risk assessment matrix with considering the local regulations of the country.


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