Social Media Marketing Platforms and Companies [University of West Georgia]


  • Alyse-Noel Hicks University of West Georgia



Social Media, Marketing, Advertising, Branding


This research focuses on Social Media Platforms/Companies, analyzing the top 20 platforms of 2018 worldwide, their annual reports, industry trends, and professional events. The goal of this research is to provide more insight to social media marketing in a digital age. The findings of this research can 1) help social media marketers understand the platforms well, 2) allow social media companies to formulate more effective strategies to attract users and businesses, and 3) give those interested in social media the opportunity to learn more about the media. The findings of this research will be written into a paper and submitted to an academic journal for publication. According to the latest social media statistics on the Ignite visibility website, 81% of the U.S. population has a social media account, which amounts to about 264 million people. On a bigger scope, the Statista website states that 2.62 billion people around the world have a social media account. Social media is going to stay and grow so it is important to perform more research on this topic.


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Alyse-Noel Hicks, University of West Georgia




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