Openness in Adoption: Psychological Outcomes Among Birth Mothers [Weber State University]


  • Laura Valentina Pastrana Weber State University
  • Shireen Rezaei Weber State University
  • Kailee Brown Weber State University
  • Steve Sunday Weber State University



Adoption, Birth Mothers, Openness


The adoption triad consists of the birth parents, adoptive parents and the adopted child. Birth parents are the least studied and understood member of the adoption triad. Research has found that emotional effects of relinquishment can be long term and create other psychological outcomes.The purpose of this study is to assess if the openness in adoption has an effect on the psychological outcomes of birth mothers. Working in conjunction with Forever Bound Adoption a cross section social survey will be disseminated to birth mothers over the age of 18 in the United States. These psychological outcomes will be assessed to determine if openness is related to the psychological outcomes of birth mothers after relinquishment. Findings will be utilized to bring awareness of potential problems in adoption and to increase knowledge of factors relating to more positive outcomes among birth mothers


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Author Biographies

Laura Valentina Pastrana, Weber State University


Shireen Rezaei, Weber State University


Kailee Brown, Weber State University


Steve Sunday, Weber State University




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Pastrana, L. V., Rezaei, S., Brown, K., & Sunday, S. (2019). Openness in Adoption: Psychological Outcomes Among Birth Mothers [Weber State University]. Journal of Student Research.