Discussion of the Interconnection Between Mental and Physical Disorders From the Aspect of Oncology


  • hungyi Lee Pu Tai Senior High School




body and mind interaction, integrated health, psychological factors, cancer, quality of life, cancer mortality


The fact that mental and physical health are correlated has become more well known in the general public in the recent decades. However, other than the general trend that one’s deterioration leads to another’s degradation, less is understood about how exactly the body and mind interact. This study is also motivated by the relatively neglected notion of integrated health, that is, general health’s composition of physical and mental well-being. Moreover, the incomplete incorporation of mental health care into primary health care and the continuous discrimination and stigma towards those who suffer from poor mental health also motivate this investigation. This research focuses on oncology as an introduction to the manifestation of the intersection of cancer and psychology. This study investigates how mental illnesses cause physical harm. By arranging the analysis thematically, the research focus, psychological factors’ impacts, shifts from cancer initiation, progression, and survival rates. In addition, one of the main goals of psychological interventions on cancer patients, quality of life, was also discussed. Findings suggest that mental and physical health interconnect as cross-effects through various physiological pathways; however some gaps in the explanations still exist, such as those seen in the aspect of cancer mortality. This study elaborates on the correlation between cancer and psychology and aims to provide a complete view of the manifestation of the interconnection between mental and physical health. 


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Lee, hungyi. (2023). Discussion of the Interconnection Between Mental and Physical Disorders From the Aspect of Oncology. Journal of Student Research, 11(4). https://doi.org/10.47611/jsr.v11i4.1759



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