Usage of recycling materials of PVC material in designing of solar panel floaters


  • Basim A. Khidhir, PhD Middle East College
  • Raman Ul Haq Middle East College


Recycle, PVC, Solar Panel, Floaters


The purpose of this report is to study the impact of Plywood and PVC materials on the development of Solar Panel Floaters. Solar panels are the world's largest source of renewable energy and are widely regarded as the best solution for replacing fossil fuels. This report contains an extensive discussion of two different PVC materials, one of which was chosen to be the floaters for the solar panels.

This study includes a brief introduction to solar panels and solar panel floaters, as well as its background, problem statement, and project limitations. A literature review of seven journal articles related to the topic and methodology was conducted. Upon this review, tests will be selected upon the design of experiments to determine whether the desired material can withstand the weight of the solar panels and overcome the wind factor, which is always one of the major issues with solar panel floaters. The final results of the tests are discussed in the report's results section. The final comments on the selected material are given during the discussion, as well as how it is a better choice than the other suggested materials.


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