Design and Development of interactive E-Learning framework for Special need students


  • Nethra Vaidhyanathan Middle East College
  • Vikas Rao Naidu Middle East College
  • Aparna Agarwal Middle East College
  • Rajani Rani Gupta Middle East College
  • Badriya Al Hosni Middle East College


Education Technology, Special need education, Online learning during COVID-19 pandemic, Interactive E-Learning


Education is an ability that every person should have. Traditional classroom instruction or online instruction are also viable alternatives. Education has the power to change a person's life by enhancing their abilities, attitudes, personalities, and awareness. Due to the global pandemic, schooling for children is extremely challenging and critical in today's world (COVID-19). For the student, the educational approach has changed to include online learning. Since education is the basis for one's future, everyone deserves a fair chance to learn. Normal students are being taught online due to the global pandemic, but students with special needs aren't getting enough benefits due to a lack of technical innovation in educating the children with special needs. Many organizations lack a special framework for special education dependent on various forms of disabilities. As a result, there is no structure or curriculum in place for children with special needs to research using an interactive e-learning platform, particularly one that is available online. The research will produce studies and results that support the creation of an interactive e-learning platform designed specifically for students with special needs to study in any situation. A survey was conducted, and more than 75 people responded positively to the research. As a result, the researchers have made several suggestions for better e-learning. Finally, the authors have made some suggestions for better e-learning options in education technology that could be tailored especially for these students with special needs.


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Author Biographies

Nethra Vaidhyanathan, Middle East College

Department of Computing,
Middle East College, Oman

Vikas Rao Naidu, Middle East College

Senior Lecturer,
Department of Computing,
Middle East College, Oman

Aparna Agarwal, Middle East College

Department of Computing,
Middle East College, Oman

Rajani Rani Gupta, Middle East College

Assistant Professor,
Department of Mathematics & Applied Sciences,
Middle East College, Oman

Badriya Al Hosni, Middle East College

Assistant Head,

Student Success Centre,

Middle East College, Oman



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