Child Tracking and Activity Scheduling System


  • Babpu Debnath Middle East College
  • Aparna Agarwal Middle East College


Child safety, tracking system, scheduling system, smart parenting, SOS message


In recent times it has been observed that mostly both the parents are working and the child is either in the crèche or with a caretaker at home. In either case, the security of the child remains a concern as due to even small negligence there could be dangerous consequences. It is the responsibility of the government, people, and parents to ensure every child’s safety and wellbeing. The smart city initiative in Oman emphasizes on providing safe lifestyle to people by all means. In line with this initiative, the authors have proposed an integrated smart system to track the location of the child remotely as well as to organize and keep a watch on the child’s routine vocational, educational or recreational activities. The system also allows the child to send SOS messages remotely to parents or guardians if he/she feels insecure or threatened such as in the case when left onboard a bus alone – a case all over the globe including Oman. Thus, this system could potentially save the lives of young children as well as mentally disabled or elderly. The system comprises hardware and software components. The hardware can be embedded in the shoes or worn as a wristband by the child while the application is an Android application that connects the system using a cloud-based database. The hardware component uses the internet to send location data to be recorded on the database or could use SMS instead to directly inform parents if the network is too weak.


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