A Linguistic View of a Twitter Apology


  • MacKenzie Croley Xavier University




OnlyFans, Twitter, Twitter apologies, online sex work, connotation, speech acts


This study examines a Twitter apology posted by Bella Thorne after an OnlyFans scandal of August 2020. This study broke down the language used in multiple tweets to examine the types of phrases being used, the connotation of the words used, and its overall success in serving as an apology. While the apology tweeted by Thorne has some qualities of a standard apology, the order of these conventions did not serve her apology well. Thorne also fails to show that she understands the online sex work community and reinforces a stigma of online sex work both in her actions and in the words of her apology. This study briefly highlights the importance of move structures for being successful in its genre, especially online.


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Heidewalk, Erika (@erikaheidewald). 2020. “So suddenly a fuck ton of people ask for a charge back and this causes problems for OnlyFans bc they have processing costs, so people suddenly requesting millions in chargebacks makes them lose a lot of money.” Twitter, Aug 28, 2020. https://twitter.com/erikaheidewald/status/1299468141580283904

Heidewalk, Erika (@erikaheidewald). 2020. “Then, she sent out a $200 PPV message that she claimed was a nude photo but when subscribers paid to open it, they found it was a lingerie photo. Seeing as she SCAMMED them, they wanted their money back and OF has a policy that you get your money back if you get scammed.” Twitter, Aug 28, 2020. https://twitter.com/erikaheidewald/status/1299467614909902849

Heidewalk, Erika (@erikaheidewald). 2020. “There has been a huge backlash and OF might be backtracking on some of these policies. It’s hard to know bc they frequently dismiss sex workers’ concerns and many SWers already have a hard time getting their money from OF. But the outrage might help so join us & get pissed off.” Twitter, Aug 28, 2020. https://twitter.com/erikaheidewald/status/1299476697712963584

Heidewalk, Erika (@erikaheidewald). 2020. “To be able to pay all those people back and prevent such a massive chargeback problem in the future, OnlyFans changes their policies so now the maximum price for a PPV message is $50, maximum tip someone can send is $100, and all the money you make on OF is pending for 30 days.” Twitter, Aug 28, 2020. https://twitter.com/erikaheidewald/status/1299468525287821314

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