Smart educations (Impacts of technology on student learning)


  • Mohammed Al-Masoudi MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE



Digital Education, Social, Economic and Technological Changes


The proposed project will be categorized under digital education. It connects teachers and students in the country under one digital platform. It is important to note that education is the main root of economic development and improvement of living standards. As the global economic competition becomes stiffer, then, also education becomes an important source of competition since it is linked to economic development. When the level of education in a country is improved, it attracts students globally to come and study in the country and also it attracts investors . When there is a well-skilled and educated workforce in a country, then it creates a strong pillar to a knowledge-based economy. This has made the education sector to implement new reforms in the education system. The new reforms are to ensure that the country is able to face the prevailing political, social, economic, and technological changes.


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